Alrabya Alkhadra Industrial a family owned manufacturer.
Founded in 1984 by Chairman, Mr. Mohammad Naif Haidar Ahmad, who first started by importing the Labaneh product to Saudi Arabia for distribution; then saw the opportunity to produce it locally using Saudi resources creating a healthier, must-have product.
With our 35+ years of experience in the field, and through our professional market understanding; today we manufacture, sell, and distribute using our customer contacts and experienced and well-trained personnel.
In Alrabya, we chose to work with local resources, believing in the skills and talents of the next-generation, which made us today one of the leading companies dedicated to maintaing high quality standards in all our services.

Our Vision

  • To raise the standard in the Saudi local manufacturing products, and exceed the international consumption in our field, in order to achieve local sufficiency.
  • To assist the growth of our partners business growth, assuring the positive correlation on the country economy.
  • To provide healthy products with high nutritional value to consumers in order to achieve the best rates in the level of consumer satisfaction

Our Mission

  • We seek to develop, produce and market a range of nutritious products to our consumers of all age groups and create the greatest added value for stakeholders and company shareholders by working as a team.
  • We are committed to providing delicious food products, with high nutritional value, and of outstanding quality to achieve health and happiness for consumers.